Comet Press has announced the release of their debut book, Deadlines: An Anthology of Horror And Dark Fiction, a compilation of modern horror stories. The collection features 20 stories written by award-winning as well as up-and-coming authors from around the globe, and showcases of the most promising voices in the field.

The stories in Deadlines were compiled and edited by Cheryl Mullenax. “The ultimate goal of Comet Press,” says Ms. Mullenax, “is to unleash upon the general public the most terrifying, shocking, and most of all, entertaining stories imaginable. Comet Press has some fantastic books planned for the coming year by some very talented authors of horror, suspense, and dark crime. Comet Press will be publishing not only full-length novels, but collections of novelettes and novellas, and is also interested in reprinting out-of-print works by established authors.”

Deadlines covers a wide range of subjects, from serial killers to zombie skinheads, from murderous, anatomically correct dolls to malicious cats, and many disturbing trips down the dark side of human nature. The book is an electrifying start in the small press horror publishing world, and an indication of good and scary things to come.

Table of Contents:

  • “Brutal Assault” by Garry Bushell
  • “The Cowbird’s Nest” by Clinton A. Harris
  • “Madonna of the Black Mountain” by Tessa Johnstone
  • “Striptease on Mount Rushmore” by Ed Lynskey
  • “Mysterio and Galatea” by Michael A. Kechula
  • “Harry” by Doug Murano
  • “In Your Warm and Darkened Grave: by Frank Zafiro
  • “Girl in the Tub” by Cameron L. Mitchell
  • “Frazzled” by J.R.
  • “The Gift of the Boneflower” by D. Alexander Ward
  • “As Close As It Gets” by Karina Berg Johansson
  • “Good Boys” by Shaun Ryan
  • “The Death of Lester Williams” by Ty Johnston
  • “La Nuit du la Chat Noir” by Nora B. Peevy
  • “White” by David Richards
  • “Silence” by Christopher Allan Death
  • “Visiting Hour” by Michael Pelc
  • “Street Walking” by Jason Jeffery
  • “Will’s Little Black Flower” by Brent Meske
  • “Malrats” by Walter Payne

The trade paperback of Deadlines: an Anthology of Horror and Dark Fiction can be purchased from Comet Press,, or through Ingram Book Group and Baker & Taylor Wholesalers.

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