Tuesday, April 29th – 7 pm: Giulia D’Agnolo Vallan & John Landis – Author Giulia D’Agnolo Vallan and Director John Landis signing the new book about the legendary filmmaker, John Landis (TPB $29.95). This is a Ticketed Event: when you purchase the book here, a number will be given to you for your place in line. Two other items can be signed with purchase.

Wednesday, April 30th – 7 pm: The Headless Horseman – Director Anthony C. Ferrante, M. Steven Felty (Pa Rusk), Trish Coren (Lizzie), Joe Hartzler (Doc), Brent Lydic (Nash), Arianne Fraser (Tiffany), Alan Howarth (composer), Christopher Roth (editor) Jacob Hair (storyboards) signing the Headless Horseman (DVD $24.98).

Saturday, May 3rd – 2 pm: Niles, Wickline, Hartman, Von Sholly, Strieber & Spector – Steve Niles signing Giant Monster (TPB $14.99), The Mammoth Book of Horror Comics (TPB $17.95), Simon Dark #7 ($2.99), Criminal Macabre: My Demon Baby #4 ($2.99) and many more. Dan Wickline signing the special issue of 1001 Arabian Night Adventures of Sinbad (.99) Yes, just 99cents. Artist David Hartman signing Steve Niles’ Strange Cases ($3.99). Pete Von Sholly signing his political postcard book, Capitol Hell ($11.95) & The Mammoth Book of Horror Comics. Special free comics will also be given out. To celebrate the release of Iron Man , we have the large theater Iron Man standup for great photo ops. We will also have Iron Man give aways.

Saturday, May 10th – 2 pm: Varese Sarabande 30th Anniversary Celebration – Varèse Sarabande Records is pulling out all the stops to celebrate the release of their 30th Anniversary CD (4cd set $19.98) and will be hosting the biggest film music autograph event in Los Angeles history! Meet Robert Townson (In Session) and a group of some of your favorite composers. Everyone will be signing the new anniversary set as well as many of their recent and classic Varèse Sarabande releases, which will be on sale. The 30th Anniversary cd must be purchased here to get other cds signed.

Wednesday, May 14th – 11 am: Brian Lumley – Brian Lumley will be here for special visit. They’ll have the following available for Brian to sign: Sorcery in Shad (HB 23.95), Titus Crow (TPB $15.95), The House of Cthulhu (TPB $14.95), The Brian Lumley Companion (HB $26.95). He also had a story in the first Dark Delicacies anthology. You may bring in out items to be signed.

Saturday, May 17th – Noon – 75th Anniversary of King Kong – Historians Scott Essman and Bob Burns signing the documentary on King Kong for the 75th Anniversary (DVD $14.98). The DVD contains interviews with Ray Harryhausen, Ted Hartley & Bob Burns.

Saturday, May 17th – 2 pm – John Farris – John Farris signing the conclusion to his Fury series, Avenging Fury (HB $25.95), You Don’t Scare Me (HB $24.95) plus many of his other books. John is in both the Dark Delicacies anthologies.

It’s all happening at Dark Delicacies, 4213 W. Burbank Blvd., Burbank, CA 91505. 818-556-6660. Dark Delicacies

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