Dan Simmons hits the road later this month to promote The Terror. This just released book finds Simmons penning historial fiction as he takes readers on the harrowing and mysterious final expedition of Sir John Franklin, who disappeared into the Arctic with two ships and 128 men in 1845. First stop on The Terror Tour is Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore in San Diego, CA, on Sunday, January 28. Then it’s on to bookstores in two more bookstores in California — Torrance (Borders) and San Mateo (Barnes & Nobel) on Monday and Tuesday, January 29 and 29, respectively — before trudging northward to the University of Washington bookstore in Seattle-Tacoma on Friday, February 2; Powell’s (Cedar Hill) in Beaverton, WA, on Sunday, February 4, and Tattered Cover bookstore in Denver, CO, on Thursday, February 8. Check for exact times and locations at Simmons’ site: Dan Simmons

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