The Nameless One by Kathryn Meyer Griffith is set to be released through Damnation Books on 1 February, 2011.

Description: Sometimes revenge can only be achieved with magic.

Laura and Julian Bennet are husband and wife Egyptologists who’re looking for the ancient tomb of a lost Egyptian lesser wife … one who’d been so evil and destructive her tomb has no name, she has no name. She was a stunningly beautiful and sensual sorceress who once had her lover, Rameses II, under her evil love spell…until the more powerful Priests of Amun captured and locked her into a magical sarcophagus for all eternity. Or so they’d thought. But when Laura and Julian find her tomb, the price it costs them is far more than they were prepared to pay. Julian’s life. Then Laura, heartbroken, must delve into the most dangerous of black magics to defeat the demon called the Nameless One, gain revenge, and put the demon back where she belongs.

“He’d lifted the last inner coffin lid from the body, laying the mummified lump under it bare to the air and light.

“Julian, what’s wrong with you? What are you doing?” She groaned, crawling the rest of the way toward him.

He didn’t answer. Instead, he laid aside the final coffin lid and gasped out loud, his upper torso swaying and his hands clinging to the outer coffin as if his body couldn’t hold itself upright any longer. The sound he made reminded Laura of a trapped animal cowering beneath a killer’s knife.

He was crying, muffled sobs of helplessness, as he gently took whatever was in the coffin into his arms and out of its eternal confinement.

A small mummy, the wrappings moldy and dingy, the ancient flesh and powdery bones sticking out in ragged patches. A woman-sized mummy. He cradled it in his arms like a long-lost lover. The nameless one.”

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