In Cryptic Creatures, author Brian C. Anderson immerses readers in five fast-moving, spine-tingling stories about beasts and beings that lurk ominously on the outer reaches of our consciousness.

Description: If you like horror that highlights a legendary hog/man who delights in malicious murder, you will not be disappointed. How about an inter-dimension parasite that sucks the enjoyment out of the main character’s life? Or, if you prefer terror that extends into the realm of the creepy-crawly, you won’t want to miss the tale of the toxic insect invasion. A vile winged God, an ancient cult, and a mythical sea monster round out an extraordinary cast of bloodcurdling beasts.

“The tales in Cryptic Creatures are actually back-stories for characters in an epic tale I’ve been working on for several years,” says Anderson. “I thought it would be interesting introduce certain characters and events before unleashing the main story. It’s a fairly ambitious project.”

Readers will also find it interesting that buried between the five startling stories is a series of vignettes that provides reliable information about classic cryptids such as Big Foot and the Loch Ness Monster.

“Obviously I’d like readers to be scared or at least repulsed. But also, I want them to think,” adds Anderson. “There is a heavy undercurrent of anti-establishment throughout the book. I’m hoping people will take a look at the world we live in and realize that governments, corporations, and institutions don’t always have the common man’s best interests in mind.”

You can learn more about the book and the author here: Cryptic Creatures

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