Shock Till You Drop is currently running an interview with screenwriter Christopher Landon, (Disturbia, Paranormal Activity 2), focusing on his newest project, Burning Palms which was inspired by Creepshow.

When asked about the roots of Burning Palms, Landon says, “I’ve always been a big, big fan of short stories and anthologies. I keep sort of a collection of articles, sketches and random thoughts or ideas that I have. One day I was in-between projects and I sat down to write one of the stories. I kind of knew that it would only sort of work for me as a short film. It was actually the last story in the film, the Sherman Oaks story with Zoe [Saldana]. I wrote it and then I went back and rewrote it and went, I really don’t know where this came from, but I kind of like it. So I just kept going and really, before I knew it, I had written about seven or eight of them. Then I just sort of paired it down and when I looked at it, I realized that what I was going for was ultimately sort of like a Creepshow LA. For me, it was the idea that, in my day-to-day life, I sort of work for studios. I work in that machine. It was a nice opportunity to kind of step out of that box and do something that I felt was really, really, really different. I think a lot of the inspiration behind it was just in wanting to do something that had never been done before. That was a large part of it.”

You can catch the interview in its entirety here: Christopher Landon

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