Night Light, a 269 page paperback by Chris Burgoyne with a Paul Carrick cover, has been released.

Description: For the burned-out employees and regulars of a second-rate adult video store, the night shift promises the familiar shelter of routine. In the garish aisles, they can escape the lost promise of their lives for a few hours more. But tonight, when the proprietor opens a mysterious air-mailed package, these men and women will suddenly find themselves fighting each other, their own flawed natures, and a trio of monstrous creatures who have traveled halfway around the world to inflict a gruesome vengeance upon their enemies.

Led by the disembodied, viscera-trailing head of an evil witch that loathes men and feeds on the unborn, these demons are hungry, merciless, and intent on the slaughter of the patrons and staff. As the trapped humans die one by one, it becomes clear they face a war of extermination. Who, or what, are these horrific tormentors — and when the sun rises, who will remain alive in the blood-soaked aisles of the Night Light?

Note From The Author: In some respects, as readers of horror fiction know, the genre is as big as it’s ever been. But many of the parameters currently in place are fairly restrictive, as much as we might thoroughly enjoy them (I’m referring here to the current overwhelming supremacy of vampires, zombies and the like). My hope in writing Night Light was to introduce horror fans to a new and particularly loathsome villain in a setting that sets up unique conflicts between human and inhuman, male and female. I hope you give Night Light a try, and I hope you enjoy the effort to bring the genre something newly grotesque and bloody (and boy, is it bloody). Thanks to all of you!

You can learn more and order directly here: Night Light

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