Charnel Harbor by S.D. Hintz is now available as a pdf download through Lyrical Press.

Description: Jack Jericho has collected antiques his entire life. While the other kids told urban legends, he was daydreaming about the next shipment that would come to Charnel Harbor. When a load of burnt blacksmith tools arrives on the weekly ferry, odd occurrences begin to haunt Passing Bell. Dead pirates drag anchors in the woods. The Skeleton Man hangs himself at midnight. And the Iron Army marches for the Devil’s bellows.

Will Jack and his friends be able to stop Hell’s minions? Or will the haunts of Passing Bell render the harbor into a ghost town?

“With the my love for the North Shore of Minnesota and a dislike of knickknacks and antiques,” Hintz says about the book, “I figured I might as well burn them both to the ground straight to the bowel’s of Hell.”

You can read an excerpt online: Charnel House Excerpt

And you can order directly from Lyical Press, the price for the pdf download is only $2.50, here: Charnel House Order

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