Cemetery Dance is shipping two new books: The Story of Noichi The Blind by Chet Williamson and Thrillers 2 edited by Robert Morrish. Chet Williamson’s The Story of Noichi The Blind blends Japanese classicism with the tropes of contemporary horror to create the most literate yet stomach-churning tale this writer has ever told. Purported to be a possibly lost Lafcadio Hearn manuscript, this Japanese “folk tale” (complete with introduction and scholarly afterword) tells the story of a simple woodcutter whose confrontation with a mountain demon plunges his life into a nightmare of violence, self-delusion, and extreme sexual darkness.

To order: The Story of Noichi The Blind

Thrillers 2, edited by Robert Morrish, marks the long-overdue return of a dark fiction series that debuted in 1993. After a fourteen year hiatus, Thrillers is revived with a star-studded second volume. The formula for the Thrillers series is deceptively simple: Cemetery Dance invites four of the genre’s most popular authors to each contribute 20,000 words of original, never-before-been-published fiction. They add insightful Afterwords by each author, along with striking illustrations by a brilliant artist. The end result is a wonderful showcase for the finest of today’s short fiction. The authors: Gemma Files, Caitlín R. Kiernan, Tim Waggoner, and R. Patrick Gates.

To order: Thrillers 2

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