Cemetery Dance has announced the forthcoming publication of the anthology, Midnight Premiere, edited by Tom Piccirilli. Featuring Jack Ketchum, Gary Braunbeck, Thomas F. Monteleone, Ray Garton, Brian Hodge, Ed Gorman, Al Sarrantonio, and many others, these eighteen original tales celebrate Hollywood and the horror movie-going experience with affection, devotion, and fear. In Midnight Premiere you’ll discover how many of these authors have worked in film — as screenwriters, actors, and directors — and put their particular experiences to use in showing you the dark underside of the Hollyweird dream and the LaLa Land facade.

Table of Contents:
“Onlookers” by Gary Braunbeck
“Elusive” by Jack Ketchum
“Seven Knives” by John Shirley
“Between the Storms” Gerard Houarner
“Ocular” by Mick Garris
“End of Story,” by Thomas F. Monteleone
“Evrything Must Go” by Ray Garton
“Forces of Evil, Starring Robert Fields” by Lisa Morton & Richard Grove
“Shadder” by Tom Piccirilli
“Humps in the Field” by William Smith & Del Howison
“Arlene Schabowski Of The Undead” by Mark McLaughlin and Kyra M. Schon
“Del Corozon’s Curse” by Carl Dupre
“Baby Boss and the Underground Hamsters: A Feature-Length Cartoon” by Al Sarrantonio
“Vision” by Patrick Lussier
“Murder Victim” by T.M. Wright
“Wizard of Ooze” by Mike McCarty & Linnea Quigley
“The Passion of the Beast” by Brian Hodge
“Scream Queen” by Ed Gorman

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