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IT: The Artwork Portfolio

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If you love artwork inspired by the works of Stephen King or you’re a huge fan of IT, then Cemetery Dance Publications has a deal you won’t be able to beat — IT Artwork Portfolio.

They’ve made special arrangements with Glen Orbik, Alan M. Clark, and Erin Wells to collect all of their artwork from the Cemetery Dance Publications upcoming 25th Anniversary Edition of IT by Stephen King into one giant artwork portfolio, which will be signed by all three artists and limited to a one-time printing of just 500 sets. These special artwork portfolios will never be reprinted or reissued.

Each piece of artwork — including the 6 interior color plates, the full-color cover artwork, all of the black & white interiors, plus Erin Wells’ two pieces of color signature sheet artwork — will be printed on 11 inch by 14 inch sheets of 100# GPA Uncoated, Heavy Duty archival quality cover stock. These will be huge pieces of artwork, perfect for matting and framing if you wanted!

The portfolio is already in production at the same company that made the Blockade Billy Lettered Edition artwork portfolio, which was one of the most talked about features of that special edition. Not only will Cemetery Dance be using a similar high-quality material for the folder itself, but there will be one-color hot foil stamping on the front cover, too.

This is a one-time printing of this artwork portfolio and they will not be printing more. This set includes every piece of artwork in the book, including the two color signature sheets that will only ever be seen by the collectors who were lucky enough to snag a copy of the Limited Edition or Lettered Edition before they sold out. Plus there’s a special, full-color signature sheet signed by all three artists.

The art prints are already finished at the printer and the signature sheets will be headed to the artists next week.

Here’s where you can order: IT Artwork Portfolio

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Dark Europe by April A. Taylor Photography

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From the Paris Catacombs to the Magnificent Seven cemeteries in London, Europe is filled with darkness. Many people do not realize, for example, that the city of Paris sits on top of a city of the dead. From the twisted mind of award winning, internationally published and exhibited horror photographer April A. Taylor comes a new series, entitled Dark Europe, which explores some of these real-life scenes of the macabre.

For this line of work, April A. Taylor left behind the illustrative horror photography world filled with fake blood, skilled models and fully realized storylines that is her calling card. Instead she utilized only what was already in place and the results have been deemed by some to be even more disturbing than her other horror works.

Taylor’s blood-soaked and occasionally controversial pieces have been published and exhibited around the world in over 60 different books, magazines, art galleries, movies, etc. and was recently featured in Devanny Pinn’s short horror film CathARTic. Her work has garnered praise from countless industry professionals, including,, actress Ashley C.Williams (The Human Centipede) and several cast members from the Nightmare on Elm Street films (Lisa Wilcox, Ken Sagoes, Mark Patton and Heather Langenkamp). She has also been making appearances as an artist guest at multiple conventions around the country (next up is Detroit FanFare in September, located in her hometown of Detroit, MI).

Step into a world of darkness by visiting April A. Taylor and to be one of the first to see further pieces of the Dark Europe line, which will continue to be released slowly over the next several weeks, be sure to “like” Taylor’s Facebook page.

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Visit The Hyaena Gallery May 21st for a rare, behind the scenes look at some of the outrageous yet masterful pencil drawings that went into the making of The Ren and Stimpy Show and the unique opportunity to meet Spumco artist, Jim Smith.

From now until May 31st a variety of works will be on display from wild, rough pencil drawings to well-crafted cleanup drawings. Featuring artwork from Ren and Stimpy episodes Big House Blues, Space Madness, Fire Dogs I and II, and more. A must-see for animation fans and those curious about the 2D animation process. All artwork is for sale.

Originally hailing from Lubbock, Texas, Jim Smith is an animator and storyboard artist who has worked on such milestone cartoon series as The Ren and Stimpy Show, Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures, Samurai Jack, The X’s, Monster Vs. Aliens, Scooby Doo, and Beany Cecil and with such iconic artists as John Kricfalusi and Ralph Bakshi. To view examples of his artwork please visit his blog at: Jim Smith Cartoons

The Hyaena Gallery is Burbank’s premier gallery featuring alternative and underground artwork. For further information about the show, hours, or directions to the gallery please visit them on the web at: Hyaena Gallery

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Jae Lee has signed on to illustrate Stephen’s next Dark Tower book, The Wind Through the Keyhole, which will be published as a limited edition by Donald M. Grant Publisher. Orders are not yet being taken and a final release date has not been established.

On its website, the announcement reads: Donald M. Grant, Publisher, Inc. will, in the Spring of 2012 be publishing limited editions of this new Dark Tower novel by Stephen King which will be illustrated by Jae Lee.

Stephen King has agreed to sign 800 copies of a Deluxe Edition which will be issued in a tray case. These will also be signed by Jae Lee. In keeping with our policies of supporting long time customers, owners of Deluxe Edition copies of The Little Sisters Of Eluria numbered 1-800 will have the first option to buy this Deluxe Edition.

In addition there will be a limited “Artist” Edition which will be signed by Jae Lee and will be issued in a slipcase.

For more details about this upcoming limited edition, visit: Donald M. Grant Publisher

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Horror author and film producer Lia Scott Price is launching comic book illustrations based on characters from her book.

Price, who has created films based on her works, is turning her books into graphic novels and comic books. The new illustrations will be part of the graphic novel project.

The comic book illustrations, drawn by comic book artist Wendell Nelson, are based on scenes and chapters from Price’s vampire trilogy book The Guardian, Revenant, and Dominion.

The scenes feature her characters called “Serial Killer and Vampire Guardian Angels™”. Her characters are guardian angels who became serial killers and vampires and who are tired of people begging them for help. They target people who pray in vain, who are suicidal, and those who pray for an end to their miseries.

The comic book illustrations will be released through her web site at: Lia Scott Price

Price’s web site also features free e-book downloads and film shorts about her evil guardian angel characters.

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Due to demand from their collectors who missed out on the “Stephen King Characters” art print Cemetery Dance sold a few weeks ago, Glenn Chadbourne has provided the publisher with a new Stephen King Characters Art Print. This is a brand new 11 X 13 Signed Limited Edition art print by Glenn Chadbourne, inspired by some of Stephen King’s greatest characters and villains.

To make this signed and Hand-Numbered Limited Edition art print an extra special part of your collection, Cemetery Dance is going to sell them for one week only, After the week is over, the print run will be set in stone and Cemetery Dance will print no more. If they sell 50 of these prints, that’ll be the print run.

Each copy will be signed and numbered by artist Glenn Chadbourne, and buyers get their numbers based on when they order. So Order #1, will get Art Print #1, etc. There is no limit on how many prints you can buy. The prints will be available for just $24.99 plus shipping.

Interested collectors can order directly from Cemetery Dance, for one week only, here: Chadborne’s King Characters

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A Chat With Tara McPherson

Posted by: | Comments (0) is currently running an interview with artist Tara McPherson by Lana Crooks.

Asked how she would describe her work, McPherson says, “Well, I’d like to view it as art that kind of has a play between rendered and flat, sweet and creepy, illustrative and figurative. That can be fun and dark at the same time. It’s always a hard thing to do for anyone that hasn’t seen the work. The easiest way is to pull out my card and show them.”

You can read the interview in its entirety here: Tara McPherson

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