Digital Spy is running a two-part interview with John Carpenter, conducted by Ben Rawson-Jones. In the first part, they discussed his latest movie, The Ward. In this second part, Carpenter discusses his career and his thoughts on the modern horror genre and possible future projects.

Talking about the explosion of handheld shot horror movies such as The Blair Witch Project, The Last Exorcism and Paranormal Activity, Carpenter says, “Well, it’s not just horror. Television, the Bourne movies – a lot of them were handheld and fast. It’s easier because your camera operator with his handheld camera is really directing the movie. It’s easier to do. The Blair Witch Project is a movie that I really don’t think ever had a director. It’s one of the few movies I’ve ever seen that didn’t have one.”

You can read the interview in its entirety here: John Carpenter

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