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December 21, 2012 is the next planned expiration date for humanity per the Mayan calendar, though whether it heralds a new beginning or an abrupt end is open to speculation. The next Pope is prophesied to be the last before the Judgment.

The Hopi Indians predict an end to this world. The stars may soon be right: as the Sun’s sunspot cycle is to enter a period of increased activity; and, the Earth is to be in alignment with the plane of the Milky Way galaxy. The Earth’s magnetic pole is thought to be nearing a period of reversal. The Revelations of St. John is always ever present, with omens of the Beast, The Mother of Babylon, the destruction of one-third of the Earth, and the prospect of Wormwood from the skies (a near-Earth object?) blasting the planet.

Amidst this backdrop of uncertainty, chaos, destruction, and possible renewal, is an invitation to contribute to a modern day horror anthology of fiction in the tradition of H.P. Lovecraft and the Cthulhu Mythos. Potential contributors are welcome to use the above-mentioned plot devices, or create their own, and may use the Cthulhu Mythos as sparingly or as heavily as desired. “We are more concerned about the stories being atmospheric, displaying the horror of cosmic indifference to man, and realistic writing that blends truth with pseudo-truths to create an illusion so one knows not when history becomes pseudo-history.”

Mythos Books is seeking previously unpublished fiction, maximum limit of approximately 7,500 words, payment rate of 5 cents per word for FNASR.

The planned publication will be a traditionally printed trade hardcover of 1,000 copies with full color dust jacket. There will also be a limited leatherbound edition for sale, and the authors will receive a publisher’s presentation copy of the leatherbound edition. The author will receive 2 copies of the trade edition.

Mythos Books reserves the right to reprint the anthology Cthulhu 2012 as a trade paperback and/or as a mass market paperback. Should the anthology be reprinted as either/or a trade or mass market paperback, the author’s will receive royalties based on word length as a percentage of net sales, 40% to the publisher and 60% split among the author. The author will also receive 2 copies of any paperback

Submission deadline is December 31, 2008. The deadline may be extended to allow for sufficient submissions. Authors may submit electronically to dwynn@LDD.net. RTF files preferred. Manual submissions may be sent to: Mythos Books, David Wynn, 351 Lake Ridge Rd, Poplar Bluff, MO 63901-2177. 573-785-7710 phone/FAX.

Planned publication date is third quarter 2009. Payment upon acceptance of final draft of the short story.

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  1. oh my god i am entering! do you have anything art contest wise?

  2. Robert Rodden II says:

    I was published once before professionally, in “October Dreams: A Harvest of Horror”, from Kubicek and Asc., and last year placed fourth in the genre category with Writer’s Digest Writing Competition, with my science fiction piece, Sunflower’s Weep. I’d really like to try for this one. Lovecraft has been a large influence on me, and it would be beyond cool to write in his univers.

  3. chris wareham says:

    Just wondering if there has been an extension to the deadline for submissions. I’ve only just seen this page and the competition details. I have a couple of stories which, with a little re-writing will suit the publication. Could you let me know if you’d be interested.

  4. Dave says:


    You’ll have to contact Mythos Books directly to find out if the anthology is still open. It doesn’t happen often, but it does happen.


  5. Michael Vogt says:

    The deadline was extended, but I believe it is closed now. Also, it’s not a competition.

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