Eibonvale Press has released Brendan Connell’s collection, Unpleasant Tales.

Description: From the comic to the shocking, from the refined to the visceral, and blurring the boundaries between all four – Unpleasant Tales is a remarkable new collection of some of Brendan Connell’s darkest stories. Drenched in gluttony and decadence and with a scope stretching from the depravity of rulers in ancient Greece and Renaissance Spain, to phantasmagorical body alteration in Zürich and New York, these are supremely refined and elegant, creepily intelligent and, of course, exquisitely unpleasant stories that pack a tremendous punch, both individually and collectively. Stories that will not easily be forgotten.

“This is my fourth book, and my second collection,” says Connell. “Though not strictly horror, it does tend towards the horrific and the should appeal to those with strong spines or the completely spineless. It is really a book for those who get pleasure from the unpleasant. It is not a mean book, but I am sure someone will find some of the stories cruel. But there are also those who find war necessary and justify executions.”


  • The Maker of Fine Instruments
  • The Black Tiger
  • The Putrimaniac
  • A Dish of Spouse
  • The Girl of Wax
  • The Tongue
  • The Skin Collector
  • The Nasty Truth about Dentists
  • The Nanny Goat
  • Mesh of Veins
  • The Flatterer
  • The Last Mermaid
  • The Cruelties of Him
  • Wiggles
  • The Woman of Paper
  • The Last of the Burroways
  • Flit
  • Kullulu
  • Sirens
  • The Unicorn
  • Virgin Hearts
  • We Sleep on a Thousand Waves Beneath the Stars

You can order directly from the publisher here: Unpleasant Tales

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