His follow-up to Crystal Bay, Brandon Ford, a lover of all things horror, has written Splattered Beauty as a sort of love note to his favorite scream queens. Available now in paperback and Amazon Kindle from Arctic Wolf Publishing.

Splattered Beauty is the story of Alyssa Peyton, a minor celebrity in the B-film industry. With a career spanning more than a decade, she has accumulated over two-dozen films in the horror genre, receiving cult status in the process. It appears, though, that days of happiness and success have long forgotten her. Her cherished producer/director husband, Peter, has left her for a younger, more attractive actress. Now, Alyssa finds herself for the first time without work. In the two years it has been since setting foot on a film set, Alyssa has fallen into a maddening depression. Her substance and alcohol abuse accelerates and she begins to alienate those closest to her, including Joyce, her agent and longtime friend. That is when she meets Taryn, a teenage fan who is smitten with her immediately. The two form a bond and within days, Taryn finds herself living under the same roof as her favorite cult celebrity.

Soon, the lead role in a film Alyssa would be perfect for is offered. It appears as though things are beginning to fall into place for the first time in so very long. But when Alyssa learns that this role has been awarded to Jessica, Peter’s new wife, she is pulled deeper and deeper into an insufferable psychosis and attempts suicide. When that fails too, she realizes what must be done. With the aid of Taryn, Alyssa begins a string of brutal and sadistic murders. Manipulating Taryn into doing her every bidding, Alyssa pulls the impressionable youth into her own twisted game of murder and deception and it appears there is no escape for either of them.

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