The Problem With Mickey
Tom Moran

Insideous Publications
Softcover Novella, Signed, Numbered

Four buddies since their college days. Now in their thirties, married with children. Living respectable lives dedicated to providing their children with an intact family and a strong moral foundation. Until … one of the four, Mickey, gets off track.

This is how Tom Moran’s first fully-illustrated (D.E. Christman does the cover, and Moran does all the interior illustrations) work of long fiction begins. Further into the story, you’ll come to realize there’s an under-story at work that will answer most of the questions you might have. Until then, it’s a quick read, suspenseful, and a little weird.

At its heart, The Problem With Mickey is about parenting and personal responsibility. However, the choices made by the narrator, Tim, are disturbingly over the top. In the end, Moran warns us in his Afterword: “There might just be a little of Mickey in all of us, and it’s our responsibility as parents to ferret it out …”

If you’d like to know how Tim ferrets it out of his buddy, Mickey, you’ll have to read the novella. Discover more here: The Problem With Mickey

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