Humanity’s Edge
Tamara Wilhite

Blu Phi’er Publishing
Softcover, 146 pages, $12.99
Reviewed by David Simms

Mankind wipes itself out in various ways throughout this inventive collection of short stories, while desperately attempting to hold onto hope, existence, and sometimes, even the bad habits that helped to send it into a tailspin in the first place.

Wilhite assembles some unique ideas that read like treatments for Twilight Zone or The Outer Limits episodes. While this sounds like a surefire hit, the writing still needs to mature some. What often starts out as a fascinating tidbit of post-apocalyptic Earth, with characters deserving to star in each vignette, often ends in half developed ideas, or even more frustrating, a quality story that ends in a … (imagine confused grimace on readers faces here).

I would love to see some of this stories filmed for SciFi or other channels, where they could possibly truly shine.

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