Hannibal Rising
Thomas Harris

Delacorte Press, December 2006
323 pages, $27.95 U.S., $34.95 Canada
Reviewed by Shannon Riley

Thomas Harris’s new novel, the fourth in the Lecter series, chronicles Hannibal’s early years between six and twenty. It details events foreshadowed in Hannibal and the resulting consequences: the trauma he suffers from the horrendous ordeal his family endures at the hands of deserters as the Eastern Front falls in WWII, the brutal murder of his young sister, the inherent corruption of social establishments, the conclusions a precocious child draws from this and the man he becomes because of it.

The book begins somewhat slowly, chronicaling Hannibal’s childhood and establishing character, but the pace increases dramatically as he becomes old enough to go after Mischa’s killers.

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