Devil’s Cape
Rob Rogers

Wizards of the Coast Discoveries
Trade Paperback, 416 pages, $14.95
Reviewed by David Simms

On the book jacket, Devil’s Cape is described as Heroes or Watchmen, with the styles of James Lee Burke or Stephen King (without assuming their skills), I assume because this is a pseudo horror novel set in Louisiana. This seems to be a fair assessment and while the King/Burke comparisons won’t be heard for awhile (though with Rogers’ wild ideas, who knows?).

Rogers draws the darkened setting of Devil’s Cape, New Orleans’ seedier side, with fine details, and its sordid history colors the pages with a deft pen. He takes the concept of Heroes (which while cool, obviously isn’t original) and plugs intriguing characters into his own world. The novel begins in noir fashion as the crime family who owns the town establishes the bleak tone. Soon afterwards, Rogers begins to introduce his superheroes who then fight to retake their home.

Devil’s Cape reads like a Disney World ride or a great burger – fun, filling, and while it won’t change your life, you probably won’t mind much. I’m very curious to see where it goes from here.

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