Demon Eyes
L. H. Maynard & M. P. N. Sims

Leisure Books
Paperback, 338 pages
Review by Keith Eure

I had never read anything by Maynard and Sims before this book. I will be remedying that in the near future!! Whoever does the reading, buying, etc. of stories for Leisure Books knows what to look for. I really haven’t found a bad book released by this company. When the book says Leisure on the spine, you are guaranteed and good read.

Demon Eyes concerns a young woman named Emma Porter. Emma works for a big family owned firm called Keltner Industries and is whisked out of the secretary pool to become the Personal Assistant(PA) to Alex Keltner, who runs the company for his father. She is asked to attend a party that Alex is throwing at his secluded estate. She starts to wonder if she has made the right decision after she starts getting strange warnings from co-workers. She also has to endure a tragedy before even leaving for the estate.

After she is at the estate, she notices that the guests are very strange and seductive and that being in close proximity with some of the guests makes her feel as if the place has an atmosphere of lust and sensuality. She later finds that the whole house is wired for sound and video and that Alex Keltner uses this to blackmail his “guests”.

She soon finds out that her becoming Alex’s PA was not a random act and that she has been brought to the estate for a far more devious purpose. She also finds out the weakness of Alex and his guests (Hint-look at the title.)

I can’t tell anymore without giving away serious plot points. The book was very well written and fast paced. I enjoyed this one very much!

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