From the creators of such fantastic compilations as: Psychos by Robert Bloch, Aliens by Whitley Strieber, and Ghosts by Peter Straub, comes a new anthology for more than just standard horror fans. This new Horror Writers Association anthology explores two genres that have been intertwined in literature and film for decades.

Blood Lite is a new horror anthology that promises to give readers a unique taste of horror combined with just the right amount of humor. This lightened version promises to entertain both the seasoned horror fan as well as novices or those who feel horror is too intense for their reading pleasure.

Blood Lite combines horror with comedy in a spectrum of wit ranging from wicked irony to hilarity. Horror and comedy have been combined for decades with fantastic results. Viewers and readers adored such classics as the 1980’s Saturday The 14th, all the way to the more contemporary Scary Movie, franchise, Army of Darkness and Shaun of the Dead. The collection is scheduled for release in October, just in time for Halloween.

This anthology promises readers a diverse array of tales from some of the masters in the field for thrills, chills, and laughter. Some of the authors featured within this anthology include: Charlaine Harris Sherrilyn Kenyon Sharyn McCrumb Joe R. Lansdale Jim Butcher Mike Resnick Kelley Armstrong J.A. Konrath. This list is just a brief sample of Blood Lite‘s offerings. Several other members of the HWA have also contributed stories for this volume. The venture promises to stretch the writing skills of all involved to create a volume that is frightfully funny.

Kevin J. Anderson is the editor of this anthology. Anderson is founding member for the Horror Writers Association. He is an esteemed writer whose won multiple awards and enjoys the status as an international bestselling author. His editorial skills have already given readers three of the best-selling science fiction anthologies of all time. His previous successes are Tales From the Mos Eisley Cantina, Tales of the Bounty Hunters, and Tales From Jabba’s Palace.

The Horror Writers Association currently has over 500 members. The group was established in 1985 to promote dark fiction and its creators. The members are currently in a variety of mediums including fiction, non-fiction, videogames, film, comics and other media. Blood Lite will give all readers a dark and sweet taste of horror tempered with lighter elements.

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