Bentley Little’s newest novel has just been released in paperback by Signet. Description: Something strange is happening at Tyler High. The laid-back principal has become unusually strict. The janitors no longer work nights because of what they hear. The students are frightened by what they see. And things are happening on school grounds that defy rational explanation. But there is an explanation. It’s just nothing that anyone can begin to believe — or hope to survive.

Publisher’s Weekly says, “Students and faculty who embrace the charter get steadily darker and more sadistic; teachers and students who oppose the charter find strange things happening and people disappearing; and the school seems to have taken on a life of its own. The resolution is painfully simple, but overall Little crafts a tightly allegorical piece of horror.”

We’ll try to get an interview out of him sometime in the next month. In the meanwhile, you can learn more and/or order here: The Academy

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