Author Cliff Burns invites horror and suspense fans to visit his blog: Beautiful Desolation

The blog features over a quarter million (250,000) words of prose. All available for free reading and/or downloading (under the terms of Creative Commons). That includes two complete, full-length novels (occult thrillers), numerous short stories, examples of ‘flash’ fiction, essays, rants … material culled from his 20+ year career as a professional writer. In that time, Burns has appeared in scores of magazines and anthologies but lately he’s pulled back from the world of traditional publishing and pursued the course of an ‘indie’ author. Beautiful Desolation is now his exclusive publishing venue. “It’s the one place where I can print my work without editorial tampering or interference,” says Burns.

Two short novels from Righteous Blood (PS Publishing; 2003) have been optioned for adaptation into films – Kept is currently in pre-production at Twisted Pictures, producers of the popular Saw series, with a release date in late 2009.

You can keep up with all of Cliff Burns’s projects here: Beautiful Desolation

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