Bad Moon Books has releases James Roy Daley’s debut novel, The Dead Parade.

Daley’s novel is a whirlwind of blood and violence, taking the reader down an insane path of carnage. It offers no sympathy. It takes no prisoners. It obliterates anything that might translate into hope. There is a demon – a killing machine that cannot be stopped. After facing the death of his brother and his wife, James’ best friend threatens suicide. When James attempts to stop this act, something passes into him. It is the beast, a monster that opens the doorway to non-stop violence. James becomes the accidental pawn of this demon, which comes with but one warning…

No one that comes into contact with James is safe.

Cover Art by Eerie Von of Danzig, Samhain, and The Misfits!

You can pick up a copy here: The Dead Parade

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