Bad Moon Books has released The Bone Tree, a novella by Christopher Fulbright, in trade paperback and all e-reader formats.

About the book: Above a Civil War graveyard in the backwoods of Texas, Kevin and Bobby’s treehouse was their haven against the world. But the day Tom Plecker came screaming through the creek below, terrified of a shadow man, that all changed.

Walking Tom home they see it – the Bone Tree, its branches twisted like the pain-wracked frame of a fleshless corpse.
Later, Tom sees the tree glowing through the forest in the dead of night, and shadowy figures creep from the woods, faceless and hovering at his window. When a family near the woods turns up dead and a local kid goes missing, the boys know right where to look.

The Bone Tree is more than a stark, twisted visage – it’s alive, and it’s gaining power. When the shadow men come to call on the boys, they must fight a supernatural force they barely understand, or fall victim to the apparitions and learn what it means to disappear…

Ordering info:

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