Audiobooks are becoming the wave of the future. The art of the story and narration have merged, much to the delight of those who now listen to this media via iPods and other MP3 players and phones. With the development if Apple’s iTunes, audiobook sales have grown considerably and Horror Mall plans on stocking many more audiobooks with the support of our growing customer base.

One highlight of last year was Michael Arnzen’s release of Audiovile. It’s much more than an author reading his story, Arnzen performs the story with music. Audiovile is Michael Arnzen at his weirdest and, well, most vile. Known for his entertaining and over-the-top readings he now takes it one step further with the addition of some musical madness. This is not so much an audiobook as it is an album of flash fiction, a truly unique experience. Most of the 16 tracks are taken from the ground-breaking short story collection 100 Jolts but the CD also includes some new material.

Check it out: Audiovile

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