Tim Lebbon’s 3rd novella in the Assassin Series, A Whisper of Southern Lights, is now up for pre-order from Necessary Evil Press. “This is the best Assassin novella so far,” Lebbon says. “And Caniglia’s artwork is just stunning.”

Description: In the Hell of World War Two, in the grisly chaos and ruin of Singapore, Gabriel at last sees a chance to discover more about the origins of Temple, and the demon’s sinister purpose…and perhaps a way to finally put an end to Temple’s existence and the carnage that follows him like a shadow.

But Fate is a playful watcher, and war has always been Temple’s playground.

As Gabriel and Temple face each other once again, this time in the sweltering Asian jungles that drip pain and blood, a weary soldier finds himself the pawn in their endless game of death. What he knows and does may change the teetering balance of their timeless conflict … and the fate of the whole world.

The last two novellas sold out pre-publication, so get those orders in quickly! You can order from the Necessary Evil Press website: A Whisper of Southern Lights

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