Writers Colin Bryan and Emily Kieson have completed their first graphic novel, 86 Plots, and are looking for some help in making it a reality. The artist and colorist is Kelsey Shannon (Batman Adventures, X-Men Unlimited, Bastard Samurai, Invincible, and many more), but at over 200 pages this is the largest project he has ever done. 86 Plots has become a labor of love for all three contributors.

Description: a thriller oozing with mystery, history, and violence. I’ve been describing it for a while as a cross between Sherlock Holmes, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Scooby-Doo. Smart and classy enough for sophisticates, yet sexy and bloody enough for everyone.

Here’s a short video to give you a better idea of what 86 Plots is all about:

The status of the graphic novel as of September 1, 2011 is as follows: Layouts and primary pencils complete. Final pencils, inking, and color are complete through page 29. This leaves 173 pages left to go through the finishing stages. The cover and a few other pages will have to be designed and completed in addition to these. (Inside the front and back covers, and a pin-up gallery in the back are good examples and common in graphic novels.)

So the project is looking for backers on Kickstarter.

You can view some of the excellent artwork already completed, read a little more about the goals of 86 Plots, and make a contribution to the project by visiting: Kickstarter – 86 Plots

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