Malinche Entertainment has released The First Mile, a new interactive horror novel by Howard Sherman.

You’re trapped in the God-forsaken town of Dead Rock with no way out. Half the people you meet are scared out of their minds and the other half may have made a deal with the devil himself. Sometimes you can’t be sure of who’s on your side and who’s trying to snuff out your immortal soul.

Because The First Mile is an interactive horror story, you better find out fast. The dark powers at work have already set their sights on you and watch every move you make. You’re smack dab in the middle of a battleground of good versus evil. And so far, evil’s winning big time. The tortured, innocent people of this hell pit need a savior. Something has gone horribly wrong. You have to find the source of this evil manifestation and snuff it out. Obliterate it completely. And once you do, you’ll shake your head in amazement at how much sense it all makes.

Sound intriguing? You test drive this interactive horror novel here: The First Mile. Just fill out the form on the page and you can immediately download a free trial version.

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