The massive and incredible work of Richard Laymon inspired Ty Schwamberger to start writing. Because of this, last year Schwamberger started what has now become an annual event – The Richard Laymon Book Contest. You can read about the origins of the contest here. Now it’s back with a second go-around. With many thanks to Ann Laymon, who graciously donated the book that will go to the winner.

The Woods Are Dark (The Original, Uncut Version)
Richard Laymon
Publisher: Cemetery Dance
Pub Date: August 2008

Featuring a special introduction by Kelly Laymon explaining the history of the manuscript, how this version came to exist, and why this edition is more than just 50 pages of deleted scenes added back in, but instead a totally different novel you’ve never read before!

Description: Neala and her friend Sherri only wanted to do a little backpacking through the woods. Little did they know they would soon be shackled to a dead tree, waiting for Them to arrive. The Dills family thought the small motor lodge in the quiet town of Barlow seemed quaint and harmless enough. Until they, too, found themselves shackled to trees in the middle of the night, while They approached, hungry for human flesh…

When this classic novel was first published in 1981, it was heavily cut, with nearly fifty pages removed. What remained was rewritten by both Laymon and a Warner Books line editor. Now, for the first time ever, the missing text has been completely restored — along with Laymon’s original words and vision — and the novel can finally be read the way it was intended.

This Trade Hardcover edition was originally priced at $40.00 back in 2008, but now is your chance to get it for free.

How To Enter

Send Schwamberger an email ([email protected]) with the subject line, ‘Richard Laymon Book Contest’ and include your name and mailing address (required – entries that do not contain a mailing address will be deleted).

Your entry must be received by Midnight on April 16th. The winner will be notified via email by April 18th. Please, only one entry per person.

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