Subterranean Press has finished shipping all preordered copies of Neal Stephenson’s Zodiac: an Eco-Thriller, an utterly spiffy looking volume, printed in two colors throughout, with a dust jacket, title page illustration, and chapter heads by Patrick Arrasmith. It’s designed to complement our edition of Neal’s modern classic Snow Crash, and will also not look out of place sitting next to Subterranean’s forthcoming edition of his magnum opus, Cryptonomicon.

Description: The hero of Zodiac is Sangamon Taylor, aka S.T. As a leading member of GEE – the Group of Environmental Extremists — S.T. has spent years waging guerrilla warfare against the forces responsible for undermining the ecology of the Eastern seaboard. When he learns that a large number of lobsters pulled from Boston Harbor have exhibited alarming levels of a carcinogenic substance called PCB, S.T., along with a colorful band of like-minded cohorts, begins to investigate. Following a toxic trail that encompasses corporate malfeasance, genetic engineering, and presidential politics, he uncovers a conspiracy as vicious, devious, and potentially lethal as any he has ever encountered.

Written in an utterly unique voice that combines the encyclopedic knowledge of Thomas Pynchon with the hard-boiled cadences of James Crumley, Zodiac is an exhilarating, hugely entertaining novel that is thoughtful, funny, and deeply serious all at once. More than twenty years after its initial publication, it stands both as a singular accomplishment in its own right, and as a harbinger of the masterpieces to come.

You can still order here: Zodiac: an Eco-Thiriller

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