HorrorYearbook.com is giving away one autographed copy of Matthew Warner’s Eyes Everywhere to promote a forthcoming interview with the author.  All you have to do is send them an email with your name and state, then check back for the winner’s name, which will be announced alongside the interview. Synopsis: I See You – They follow him home from work. They monitor his e-mails. They may even be reading his mind. I Spy – Charlie Fields, a young father in a dead-end secretarial job in Washington, DC, has uncovered a conspiracy of historic proportions. A family friend, Philip Duke, heads a secret organization bent on controlling the world—or so it seems. Is Charlie crazy, as his wife claims? Or is Duke’s “Gestapo” now stalking them? Do You See What I See? – The neighbors beat on his walls at night, chanting his name. Spy cameras watch his every move. And now he’s experiencing strange memory gaps. Time runs out as Charlie learns the Gestapo is experimenting on his small children. Worse, his wife is helping them. They’re everywhere, watching him … studying him. It’s time to take action — and if he has to abduct his own kids to save them, then so be it. For more information: Eyes Everywhere

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