William Francis Nolan is known for his work in the science fiction, fantasy and horror genres. He is probably best known for coauthoring the novel Logan’s Run, with George Clayton Johnson. Among his many awards, he was voted a Living Legend in Dark Fantasy by the International Horror Guild in 2002. During 2006, he was bestowed the honorary title of Author Emeritus by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Inc. In 2010, he received the Lifetime Achievement Stoker award from the Horror Writers Association (HWA). Stephen has called him, “an expert in the art and science of scaring the hell out of people.”

Recently, Nolan teamed up with Bluewater Productions for a new comic book, Logan’s Run: LastDay. In addition, he will be developing comics based on Dark Universe and Sam Space.

He also co-edited last year’s anthology with Jason V Brock, The Bleeding Edge with stories from fellow writers, Ray Bradbury, Richard Matheson, George Clayton Johnson, John Shirley, Dan O’Bannon, and several newer writers.

We’re grateful to have had an opportunity to correspond with him for this interview.

The remake of Logan’s Run has been in development hell for years now. Has this been a frustrating process for you?
Nolan: Oh, yes indeed. For 15 years Warners has been “on the verge” of green-lighting the film. Eleven writers have done scripts on it. Four or five directors have been ready to do it, but have gone on to other jobs. Very frustrating! But, alas, there’s nothing I can do but wait.

Now that Joel Silver is involved and looks like the remake will be made, did you have any input into the new script?
No imput whatever, beyond the novel itself (which they – the Silver gang – say will form the basis for the screenplay. We shall see.

If you were to write a new script for Logan’s Run are there any changes from the book that you’ve been itching to explore over the years?
Basically, I’d leave it along, but “The Thunder” would have to be re-imagined. It’s out of date, in terms of today’s computers.

Bluewater Comics is set to release the seventh issue of their Logan Run’s series. How have you been involved in the new series?
I advise on the Bluewater series, but have done none of the actual writing.

Has it been fun?
Yes, great fun. I’m very pleased with the way Bluewater has handled Logan.

Will the comic series have any influence on the movie?
There’s no way to tell until they have a final, shooting script.

You’ve been working on new books in the Logan’s Run series, haven’t you? Could you tell us a little about them?
Two new books: Logan’s Journey written with Paul McComas and 95% finished), and Logan Falls (in the planning stage, with Jason V. Brock).

Next month, Rocket Ride Books will be releasing Kincaid: A Paranormal Casebook. Tell us about the book.
Kincaid is out now. It deals with three adventures of a “paranormal detective,” all presented earlier, but never previously collected.

Are there any plans to make this a series?
No series plans. I may or may not write about him again.

I won’t keep you. One last question. Do you still enjoy writing today as much as you did when you first started out?
I’ve been writing as a pro since 1954. That’s 57 years! It’s a great life. The enjoyment is still as high as ever. I’m working on 10 new books and don’t intend to slow down till I hit 100.

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