Pete Turner has released his debut novel, Whisper A Scream (Noche Files I), the first Supernatural Thriller Novel of a trilogy, through TreasureLine Publishing. The book is also available on the Kindle.

Description: What if your nightmares uncovered an ancient demonic cult sacrificing children in your hometown? And you awaken to find it’s real and still happening and you are the only one to stop it? Solomon Noche is thrust into a journey by his dreams where reality and psychosis are blurred and a young boy (who is good or evil?) torments him with riddles and time-traveling secrets. The first riddle leads him to unearth a journal buried in a secret chamber in his back yard that explains the hidden history of Retselville, Kentucky and the grounds where he works. His dreams transport him back and forth through time, where subsequent riddles are solved and more horrors are uncovered including finding a well full of children’s skulls. The closer he gets to the truth, the more sinister the secrets become as he concludes that all of Retselville may be part of the cult and their centuries’ old secrets. Noche finally understands his only hope is in repentance and that only God can save him and defeat this demon. With God’s power, he confronts the demon in its fallen state one final time in a battle for Retselville, his life and everyone’s soul.

Readers can find the book on

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