Dark Regions has announced the release of Voices From The Dark by Gary William Crawford. This is a brand new retrospective poetry collection from this Bram Stoker nominated poet.

Poems of madness and the stars, from this world to others millions of miles away … A sense of profound loss mingled with horror … A place beyond death that is almost insane in its realism … Visions of cities and planets of pure evil … The loneliness of the outcast and the artist of dreams – poems that haunt you long after you’ve closed the book.

“I’ve long admired Crawford’s unique style, his obsession with dreams vs. reality, sanity vs. insanity,” says Marge Simon, Bram Stoker 2008: Vectors: A week in the Death of a Planet. “In this collection, you will know phantom worlds, cities and waking nightmares by the scholar of phantoms himself. To borrow from his unsettling lines, these poems will become the hands that reach up from under the bed to grasp your mind as you sleep.”

Cover art by Wayne Miller, Introduction by Bruce Boston, 62 poems, 98 pages, and an Afterword by Gary William Crawford. Only $9.95.

You can order directly from Dark Regions here: Voices From The Dark

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