Two weeks after winning Best Documentary at the Fright Night Film Festival, DiggerFilms has announcedd that George A. Romero has been added to the cast of Under The Scares.

“We had the premiere of the movie over a year ago in New York city and already won 2 Best Documentary awards since but we got the chance to add Romero to the roster and coudn’t say no,” says producer/director Steve Villeneuve. “He’s one of the biggest icons of the horror business and adding him into the movie is amazing. Romero clips are in it right now and the film is in sound mixing so we can finish it once and for all.”

DiggerFilms, a company specializing in genre films, masterminded the documentary Under The Scares. Steve Villeneuve, William Dio, Hugo Bissonnet and Simon Geraghty offer an inside look into the production and promotion of an independent, low-budget horror film, drawing a lot of examples from their own experience with their first feature film, Stories Of A Gravedigger (2005). Through a passionate yet pragmatic outlook, the project is analyzed from the genesis of the idea to its distribution, dividing the process into different milestones — pre-production, casting, shooting, sound design, the use of sex and violence in order to meet industry’s expectations, accessibility of the media, finding a distributor, self-distribution in the current context of the horror industry and harnessing the potential of the internet.

Since it’s New York city Premiere, Under The Scares has been screened at a number of festivals such as Fantasia Film Festival, Fantaspoa Film Festival, Fangoria Film Festival, Spams Film Festival ect. It won Best Documentary at the Fright Night Film Festival and Best English Documentary at the Binational Independent Film Festival. It also opened the first ever Buffalo Scream Film Festival in 2010. Even horror conventions such as Cinema Wasteland and Horror Realm showed the movie.

Under The Scares is now schedule for two screenings, one in Europe, which will be revealed soon.

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