Bad Moon Books has released two new titles in trade paperback editions. The first is the short story collection, Monsters Of L.A., by Bram Stoker Award winning author, Lisa Morton.

Description: In these pages you’ll find the dark stars you grew up watching: Frankenstein, Dracula, Mr. Hyde, the Phantom, the Hunchback … all the silent ones and the first to find their voices are here, and they’re even presented in roughly the order in which they first appeared on a silver screen. The Haunted House of the ‘30s gives way to the Werewolf of the ‘40s, the Monsters of L.A. Creature of the ‘50s, and so on, all the way up to our favorite modern boogeyman, the Zombie.

In some of these stories, you’ll find an earthly incarnation of a famous namesake: Frankenstein is a patched-together, homeless vet, the Invisible Woman is so ordinary you’d never see her; but some of these familiar friends — Dracula, the Devil, or those seriously creepy Clowns — will be instantly recognizable.

Check it out: Monsters of L.A.

The second title is Paul Melniczek’s When The Leaves Fall.

Description: In When the Leaves Fall, Paul Melniczek strips away the Halloween mask of the American Dream to reveal the haunted tragedy lurking beneath the surface. The myths of family, hard work and small towns are all rendered in startling orange and black colors, and this taut little work packs a surprising emotional punch. A welcome addition to the ranks of Halloween fiction.

Check out this trade paperback edition for only $15.00: When Leaves Fall

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