The Tennessee Wraith Chasers of Travel Channel’s ‘Haunted Live’ Explore the Rose Mont Plantation in Gallatin, Tennessee, Known for Extraordinary Paranormal Activity

Haunted Live “11-9-18” – Premieres Friday, November 9th at 10 p.m. ET/PT

Located directly in the heart Gallatin, Tennessee, the home of the Tennessee Wraith Chasers, is Rose Mont Plantation. This unique Creole/Italian style mansion was built by Judge Josephus Conn Guild for his family in 1836 and remained in the family estate until 2005. Once a 500-acre horse farm, this Civil War era plantation was also home to dozens of slaves, some of who died there. The town and surrounding land saw intense fighting and cruel executions during the war, and the Guild family witnessed it all. Paranormal activity surrounds this plantation, and the Guild family are at the heart of it.

Local legend says they buried a treasure trove of heirloom silver beneath the family home during the Civil War and now a menacing spirit is determined to keep the living from discovering it. Its dark presence has been known to paralyze visitors as it feeds off their fear. Identifying herself as “Nana” during paranormal investigations, she’s believed to be an infamous old hag spirit, a terrifying type of entity that physically attacks humans in an attempt to drain their souls. For the first time on Haunted Live, TWC’s evidence specialist Mike G will join the investigation inside. In a daring attempt to discover Nana’s true identity, and stop her from harming staff and visitors, Mike G’s fellow Wraith Chasers will tie him down and offer him as paranormal bait to the aggressive spirit.

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