You’ve probably seen a hundred prank videos on YouTube about zombies right? But how many have you seen that featured mummies? Probably none until now.

Inspired by Thinkmodo’s prank video creations, Undead Mummy Chefs Protest centers on four undead chefs who wreak havoc on a few unsuspecting Asheville, North Carolinians. The undeads are actually in a protest against, but also promoting a brand called Bouffages., coined “Airbnb for Catering,” is a new peer-to-peer marketplace and online platform for local home-based culinary pros and consumers looking to save money on catering services. Just as Airbnb empowers homeowners to make money on their own terms by renting out their homes to travelers, Bouffages empowers local home-based cooks to make money on their own terms by offering quality catering services to consumers at a fraction of the cost of traditional catering establishments.

Undead Mummy Chefs Protest is the brainchild of Bouffages’ Founder, Nicole Williams. She came up with the idea of having formally educated legendary chefs hate and protest against Bouffages due to the thought of losing catering business to mere local home-based cooks. She then thought it would be even more exciting if chefs hated Bouffages so much that even dead ones would suddenly rise from their eternal slumber to protest. In an instant, Nicole realized that she had stumbled up a second revolutionary concept – mascots who promote a brand by completely despising it.

Nicole’s goal was to create a simple video with unique content and a “user generated” feel that would engage, entertain and make viewers want to share it with everyone.

Check out Undead Mummy Chefs Protest.

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