Growing up, Jean-Paul Corriveau was a big fan of the horror genre, whose influence can be seen in his novel, The Vigil. The author weaves elements of classic horror novels with his own ideas of a zombie apocalypse to thrill and inspire readers to think about the world around them.

Description: In the Lodo District of Denver, college student and part-time photographer Ashton expects to add to his portfolio with some new photographs. Instead, one of his photographs reveals that zombies were walking among humans. The zombie apocalypse had occurred and government forces had been covering it up, regardless of the conspiracies floating around.

Ashton decides to further investigate the zombie outbreak. His search for clues takes him all over the city of Denver, just barely escaping the zombies close behind him. He finds himself in an underworld location, where the zombies are coming from, and what he learns and sees down there will rattle what he understands about his existence forever.

“This zombie mythology also contains socio-political commentary to directly relate it to modern society,” Corriveau says. “It includes real events such as the fall of Qwest giant, Joe Nacchio, and other corporate debacles, such as Enron.”

While Corriveau pays homage to the horror genre with classically scary zombies, he also comments on the pitfalls of the world today. He believes that readers will see his work as a daring interpretation of modern society, and he hopes that it will inspire them to think about the life they are living.

The Vigil is available for sale online at and other outlets.

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