MTI, the leading film studio for independent filmmakers, has announced it has gone to the other side and back for the December 13th DVD release of the Supernatural Thriller The Undying.

Description: Seduced by the ghost of a Civil War soldier, whose spirit dwells in her new home, Dr. Barbara Haughton contrives to have him live again in the body of a man who died in her hospital. But, it’s this man’s violent past that may affect Barbara’s desired future … Is this ghost now the gentle soul he appears to be … or someone much darker?

The film stars Emmy nominee Robin Weigert (Deadwood, Things We Lost in the Fire), Anthony Carrigan (Parenthood, The Forgotten), Jay O. Sanders (Green Lantern, JFK), Sybil Temtchine (The Sweetest Thing, Footprints) and Wes Studi (Avatar, Heat).

Here’s the trailer:

The Undying was co-written and directed by Steven Peros (his film Footprints will be released theatrically on December 16 and his previous film The Cat’s Meow starring Kirsten Dunst and directed by Peter Bogdanovich was released by Lionsgate), with David M. Flynn also co-writing and producing.

DVD features include: closed captioning, 16:9 widescreen format, 5.1 Dolby digital surround sound, film commentary, photo gallery, trailers and optional Spanish subtitles.

Look for it on December 13, 2011 or pre-order through here: The Undying

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