Jeffrey Wilson and Editor/Publisher Carol Givner have released Wilson’s first published novel The Traiteur’s Ring.

Description: Navy Seal, Ben Morvant, found a home in the Teams far from the nightmares of his childhood. Ben was raised in the Louisiana Bayou by his Grandmother, a Traiteur, or spiritual healer, and is no stranger to the supernatural. But nothing prepared him for a chance encounter with the spiritual healer and village elder his Team meets in the jungles of Africa while hunting down Al Qaeda.

Ben witnesses the old man’s incredible power first hand, just moments before he sees him killed by a terrorist’s bullet. With his last breath the old man passes to Ben the strange ring he wears, and with it powers that Ben finds hard to believe and even harder to control.

So begins a journey that takes Ben from Africa to Virginia where he lives with his true love, Christy; back to the Louisiana Bayou in search of answers from his haunted past; and eventually back to Africa. There he will need all the help the ghosts he discovers can give if he is to use his new powers to stop an Evil far greater than just the band of terrorists his SEAL Team hunts.

Available exclusively in eBook format for all book reader devices (eReader, Kindle, Nook or in PDA and Laptop formats) at

You can get the Kindle edition through Amazon for only $9.95 here: The Traiteur’s Ring

You can download an excerpt of the novel here: Traiteur’s Ring Excerpt

And you can learn more about Wilson and his work here: Jeffrey Wilson

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