Cemetery Dance has obtained copies of The Sphinx by Graham Masterton, a beautiful collectible Limited Edition from MHB Press out of England. Available editions: Signed Collector’s Edition … Deluxe Signed Slipcased Limited Edition … Deluxe Signed Traycased Lettered.

Description: For up and coming politician Gene Keiller an attraction to a beautiful woman is no strange thing. But Lorie Semple is no ordinary woman … she has a secret … she has history … and when attraction becomes obsession he takes his first steps on a perilous journey where myth and reality collide with devastating consequences. A savage beast is unleashed and by the time he discovers the truth about the mysterious beauty who has so captivated his soul it is far too late to run.

“That people,” they are called, for no man can bring himself to speak their name out loud … and their obscene secret is about to be revealed.

Originally published in 1978 and out of print for many years, Graham Masterton’s classic horror novel The Sphinx will be available soon in these special limited editions and are expected to disappear quickly. You can pre-order here: The Sphinx

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