The Shade by Dr. Larry Gattis shares the story of a tormented spirit in search of rebirth and the family whose lives are threatened by its supernatural powers.

Description: Joe Sanders, a small-town Florida chiropractor, suspects that something is wrong with his son. Small signs, clues and intuition lead him down a shocking path of discovery until the truth becomes clear: a powerful and malicious spirit, known as a “Shade,” is targeting his boy as a host body for rebirth. Once a human being named Julie, The Shade lived a tormented life cut short by suicide. In death, Julie connected with ancient spirits known as shape shifters to become a Shade who can time travel and use inanimate objects to do her bidding. Determined to return to life, The Shade targets Sanders’ son Jules and the boy will die on his eighteenth birthday unless the family can determine The Shade’s identity. Now Sanders must race against time to save his son and avoid a fate worse than death.

“The book is a fast moving, intense story that will keep readers guessing while making them ponder the philosophical side of life,” Gattis says. “It’s also a unique approach to the horror genre, as it connects the spirit and the victim with a shared inborn error of genetics.”

Intended to appeal to fans of horror and suspense, the book revolves around a physical abnormality shared by Jules Sanders and Julie, who became The Shade. Born with testicular feminization, or androgen insensitivity syndrome, Jules and Julie were born genetic males in almost completely female bodies. The circumstances raised by this condition connect the characters and set the stage for The Shade’s pursuit of Jules’ body.

The Shade is available in paperback at and other channels.

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