Zenescope Entertainment’s popular horror/thriller graphic novel series, The Piper, has entered the feature film development process with Mandalay Vision, an independent development, production, and financing company, through a deal packaged by Artists International (AI). AI represents the growing library of entertainment properties from Zenescope, a major comic book and graphic novel publisher, and helped Zenescope strike a deal with Matthew Rhodes, President at Mandalay Vision, to put the movie project into development. Rhodes had long been enamored with The Piper’s feature film potential after originally picking up an option on the property when he previously ran Persistent Entertainment.

Adam Alleca (Last House On The Left) has been tapped to pen the screenplay. Joining Rhodes in producing will be Aaron Cruze, Dan Keston, Artist International President Dave Brown, and Zenescope co-founder Joe Brusha and editor-in-chief Ralph Tedesco.

The Piper first made a splash on newsstands in 2007 as a modern, horror-skewed version of the ancient Pied Piper story. This time around, the Piper is summoned by a high school student and does his job a little too well by methodically trying to kill all the student’s classmates and teachers.

The pairing of Zenescope and Mandalay Vision is a good fit, according to those involved on both sides.

“Zenescope is a fantastic independent company with a strong voice in comics and graphic novels,” says Rhodes. “We are thrilled to be playing with The Piper.”

“Matt Rhodes has a wonderful vision for the film, and is an incredibly collaborative producer,” adds Zenescope’s Ralph Tedesco. “We’re thrilled that Mandalay Vision is spearheading the project, and we’re confident that this team will bring the true essence of The Piper to the big screen.”

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