Thunderstorm Books has released The Mother by Brett McBean. This will the second book in their Black Voltage line. This is the uncut version with two graphic scenes deemed too extreme restored back into the text. The book features cover art by Alan Clark; Motherly Perspectives (intros from Kelli Dunlap, Mandy Hartley, Wendy Howarth, and Karen McBean); an afterword regarding the restored text by Brett McBean; and an afterword from Robert Hood. This will be extremely limited at only 125 signed hardcover copies.

Description: The Hume Highway stretches for more than 800 km from Melbourne to Sydney.

For most people, it’s simply a way to get them to their destination; a mostly uninteresting route dotted with low hills, scrubby bushland, and the occasional petrol station and rest stop to break the tedium.

But for one woman, the Hume is a place of death, of sadness, of loss.

And of revenge.

For this woman has a plan; a plan involving hitchhiking – hopping into any and every car that will stop and pick her up. Because she’s seeking a man. A man with a tattoo.

The man who brutally murdered her teenage daughter.

Even if it takes her the rest of her life, she aims to find him.

Even if it means pain, loss…

And death.

Learn more and/or pre-order: The Mother

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