SGL Entertainment is pleased to announce that they have just released The Killer Sci Fi 3 Pack on Blu-ray and DVD starring Bill Paxton, Mark Hamill, Klaus Kinski, and Steven Vidler. Now Available at Best Buy, FYE, Barnes & Noble and other fine retailers.

Three Full-length sci-fi films including:


In the near future, where Earth has been devastated by natural disasters, and giant winds rule the planet, bounty hunter Matt kidnaps a murderer out of the hands of two police officers, planning to get the bounty himself. The police officers in turn try to hunt the two men down.

Starring: Bill Paxton and Mark Hamill.


A crew of scientists arrives on a far, cold planet to examine archaic artifacts of unknown origin. They discover that their German enemies already have a ship there. When they seek their help after a failed landing, they only find the Germans’ bodies, obviously slaughtered by one of the archaic creatures, awoken to new life. Now the alien is after them.

Starring: Klaus Kinski.


Ex-con Eddie Cleary gets a job working on his older brother’s isolated farm. It’s not long before bizarre things start happening – dead birds falling out of the sky, family pets attacking their owners, strange apparitions beginning to appear, and people who had been “normal” suddenly going insane.

Starring: Steven Vidler

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