The Journal of Unlikely Entomology’s sophomore issue is now available online.

The Journal is an online magazine of fiction that delves into the world of things that creep and crawl and explores the limits of what it means to be human. The Journal publishes biannually in May and November, with an additional roving mini-issue some time during the year.

In these digital pages you will meet a strange, multi-legged girl traveling down a river with her faithful beetle companion; a carpet salesman who wakes to find he is not the man he used to be; a lonely centipede girl who craves nothing more than the comfort of human touch; a car full of unlikely, inhuman companions journeying to the quasi-mythic realm of Ferny Grove; a child, forced to grow up too soon by the circumstances of her life; and a woman who transcends humanity, aided by the ants, spiders, and other insects who share her home.

The Table Of Contents

  • “Zaar by Forrest Aguirre,” Illustrated by Bryan Prindiville
  • “Centipede Girl” by Ada Hoffmann, Illustrated by Linda Saboe
  • “Such a Lovely Shade of Green” by Samantha Henderson, Illustrated by Danelle Malan
  • “@carpetsalesrep” by Brenta Blevins, Illustrated by Rebecca Coulthart
  • “Abandoned in the Courtyard of Youth” by C.A. Cole, Illustrated by Noralie
  • “The Ferry Quick Like Rain: An Insect Tragicomedy” by Kirk Marshall, Illustrated by Ira Joel Haber

Issue Two can be found here: The Journal of Unlikely Entomology

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