Brian Daffern’s The Gossamer Gambit is out in paperback.

Description: Billy Mandrake, a loving husband and an all-around happy man, is haunted by a dream in which he and six others are forced to watch each other brutally kill their families. Within 24 hours of having the dream, Billy’s understanding of the world turns upside down as he finds himself fighting for his life and the love of a family who may not have ever been real. Everything he once knew as truth is being proven false.

Filled with ghosts, secret organizations, serial killers, reality changing perceptions, and more, this novel will put Billy through a gauntlet of trouble and horror, leading up to the final climatic realization that may lead to his unraveling.

How does one choose what is reality?

The Gossamer Gambit is available through, Barnes & Noble, and Borders.

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