Hundred to Home Publishing, LLC has released the digital edition of Jim Bronyaur’s The Failed.

Description: A laboratory in New Jersey holds what has the potential to be the biggest breakthrough in medicine and science, ever. An injection named D8-C10, which has the capabilities to combat any disease and sickness through the revival of dead cells within a body.

After tests are conducted on animals, it’s time to test it out on humans. As the humans begin to die, one by one, the lab has no choice but to send the project to a different facility.

With the bodies packed into a train, a truck, and an airplane, they are off for more experiments, except there’s a problem… the D8-C10 begins to work now, after the people are dead. And the D8-C10 does exactly what it’s supposed to do, revive dead cells.
Now the bodies begin to come back to life…

“I wanted to approach this book with a different sense of zombies… instead of making them these undead, hungry creatures, I wanted to create something really scary – to do this, I introduced an urge for the zombies. I introduced pain. That’s why they attack, because they have to,” says author Bronyaur.

“The idea came to me one night at about two in the morning. We lived near a set of train tracks and all night long, heavy trains were rolling by and kept waking me up. I joked with my wife, telling her that the Government was moving zombies … and next thing I knew an idea conjured up … what if the Government had tested some new drug and ended up killing people? And they wanted to move the people somewhere else, for further testing? So they load up some trains … but the bodies come back to life…”

You can pick up a digital copy at the following outlets:

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